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Happy Thanksgiving folks.  It’s a time for families and friends to get together, and share a large meal.  For some, this is a pleasant experience to look forward to. There is no shortage of picturesque Rockwellian holiday images during this time to remind us what Thanksgiving is suppose to look like.  But there are many of us, for whom it is a stressful time, full of dramas and reminders why family get-togethers don’t occur more often.  For others still, it is a lonely time, whether it’s because we don’t have any family, we’re living far away, or because we’re estranged from them.  Regardless, it is a holiday to be had and enjoyed.

From the health desk of Traditional Eastern Medicine, I would like to focus attention on those of us who are struggling during this holiday time.  Remember to be grateful.  I mean, that is the essence of the holiday, isn’t it?  Gratitude may seem like a trivial thing, but it’s actually a powerful trigger that can cause a significant shift internally.  Mahatma Gandhi once said that to change the world, one must start with him/her self.  In a similar way, a change in perception must start with a change in a state of consciousness.  Feeling gratitude can cause this shift in consciousness necessary to change one’s perceptions.

For those who are feeling lonely, find a way to give back to others.  There are numerous places that need volunteers, such as food banks, shelters, churches, etc.  Search for volunteering in your area on Google. Give of your time, and you may be surprised by what get in return.

For others, be grateful for the freedom in being alone.  In solitude, you need not answer to anyone.  Use this time to examine how you can be a more fully expressed self.  What would the best version of yourself look like?  Contemplate on what you can be doing to achieve that self.  Be courageous and take a stand.  There is no one to discourage you or stand in your way.  So many people are afraid to take the risk of going after what they truly want because they have people depending on them, and they feel they can’t afford to take a risk.  When you’re alone, you don’t have that worry.  Take advantage of this time.  Be grateful.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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