Complementary Therapies

To promote our client's overall well being, the medical practitioners at Traditional Eastern Medicine offer additional healing methods, provided by themselves or by wellness professionals who provide services from our offices.

You may either schedule an appointment directly with a particular wellness professional, or you can talk to a Doctor of Acupuncture who can advise you on which types of complementary therapies may be best for treatment of your particular medical condition or to reach your wellness goal.

Our doctors provide the following services:

  • Chinese herbal medicine: Chinese herbal medicines are used to restore balance to the body and mind. Herbal remedies can reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, improve resistance to disease and ease the side effects of other medications. At our clinic we carry a variety of herbal teas from a company called Farmacy Herbs, based in Providence, RI. Many of their herbs are grown locally without the use of chemicals.
  • Tuina: Both of our doctors are trained in this form of Chinese massage, which stimulates acupressure points without the use of needles.
  • Diet therapy: Whether you are trying to lose weight, to solve a digestion problem or to resolve PMS symptoms, our doctors can advise you on foods that can help or hinder your improvement.
  • Moxabustion: This technique of burning and applying of herbs to the skin is used to stimulate circulation and improve the flow of energy.

Complementary therapies provided by other practitioners:

  • Reflexology combines massage and acupressure to specific points on the feet and hands, which correspond to body organs and systems. It relieves stress, relaxes overused muscles and organs, promotes circulation, reduces swelling, and promotes natural healing and mind-body integration. Clients often report that they feel more grounded, energized and refreshed after a reflexology session.
  • Reiki is a healing technique in which the hands are used to move energy throughout the body. While scientific research has not yet proven the effectiveness of this technique in the treatment of illness, many patients and healthcare professionals find Reiki to be a useful complementary therapy to reduce stress and pain and to promote healing.
  • Massage therapy can reduce pain and enhance feelings of calm, peace and tranquility.

Schedule an Appointment

Call 401-743-9533 to schedule an appointment with one of our doctors or with a wellness practitioner at our Providence acupuncture clinic. Visit this guide to learn more.

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