Bridget Bourne

Bridget Bourne

Bridget Bourne is a Reiki practitioner and Master Teacher with training in the Usui Reiki method of healing. Bridget discovered her passion for Reiki in 2006 after receiving treatments for stress, anxiety and grief during the terminal illness of a family member. She received her first attuned in July 2007 and became a Reiki Master Teacher in October 2012.

Bridget developed a Reiki program for animals at the Providence Animal Rescue League to provide the shelter animals with relief from stress and anxiety as they wait for a home.

Bridget is also certified in reflexology, a healing modality that focuses on points on the feet and hands that create a response throughout the body. After a reflexology treatment, clients will often report that they feel more grounded, energized, refreshed and focused.

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